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A 4,000 year chocolate journey

Considering how many enjoy treat today (not to mention how much they enjoy it) most people know little to nothing of its origins and the stages it went through before becoming the treat we know and love today.  It is past due for a correction.  We need to at least give you an abbreviated history of chocolate and share some of the more intriguing innovations developed along the path to today’s treat.  Anthropologists have found evidence of chocolate production as early as 1900 B.C. in pre-Olmec cultures, living in what is now Mexico.  These peoples began a 4,000-year experiment, which continues today, with the cacao beans they found in their tropical rainforests - fermenting, roasting and grinding the beans into...

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A dark chocolate startup worth starting up

Chocolate Bar Suppliers is trying something new to us...a blog. This is the first of many posts and though we want to cover everything about chocolate on the first go, there is just too much and too many ways we can go (and lose you in the process).  To help you understand the many facets of chocolate, we will work hard to keep to our goal of adding a post every few days to (hopefully) no less than once a week. Chocolate Bar Suppliers was started with a simple idea - to curate an ever-evolving collection of delicious, ethically minded, small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate delights from chocolate makers within the United States.  We strives to bring as many small-batch craft chocolate makers under one roof as possible to make it easier...

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