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Cacao Prieto Chocolate

Cacao Prieto is one of Brooklyn's better-kept secrets.  Crafting batches almost daily of Organic Bean-to-Bar Chocolate from single origin organic Dominican cacao and Dominican sugar cane, not to mention crafting their own Whiskey, makes this a unique chocolate to say the least.  
The organic cacao beans used are harvested from their family orchard, Coralina Farms, in the Dominican Republic.  The unique flavor profile; a fruity acidity and spice notes reflect the sun-drenched hillsides of the Dominican.  Once the beans leave the Dominican, everything from the first roasting to the printing of the final packaging for their chocolate is done in their factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
From this flawless product, Cacao Prieto's master chocolatier has created chocolate bars with imaginative and delicious combinations of all natural ingredients plus a line of bonbons in wondrous flavors.

Cacao Prieto creates chocolate that is equally indebted to a past rich in tradition and a future rich in innovations. From the farm to the finished product, they aim to re-define chocolate making with the most delicious results.