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Cacao Prieto Chocolate 72% Absinthe Dark Chocolate Bar - Chocolate Bar Suppliers

Cacao Prieto Chocolate

72% Absinthe Dark Chocolate Bar - 1.9 oz

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Botanicals have a long history of uses from sweets to medicines. Absinthe or la fée verte has been a classic drink among elite intellectuals and they wanted to hold on to a bit of this history by accenting this bar with its flavors.  Being able to preserve and integrate pieces of history into their modern products is an integral aspect of who Cacao Prieto is.   

Hand-crafted from some of the oldest and finest Criollo cacao strains on their family to create a refreshing single origin organic Dominican Cacao. Small batch roasted, contains tasting notes of star anise, peppermint, fennel & coriander with an earthiness which showcases the beautiful terroir of their chocolate.

Flavor Notes:
Star Anise, Peppermint, Fennel & Coriander

Cacao & Cane sugar

Coralina Farms, Dominican Republic

OU Kosher Pareve